Multiple tape outs solidify industry lead

Milpitas, CA. July 21, 2020 – With the number of expected tape outs jumping to nine by the end of 2020 Alchip Technologies, Limited has become one of the leading advanced technology ASIC providers. Alchip revealed that it had completed 3 tape outs in May alone.

Alchip’s 7nm ASIC capabilities focus on full reticle size devices that features billions of gate count for ultra-large-scale design. These advanced ICs primarily target artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, network and storage applications.

Key to the company’s success is a proven design flow and methodology that optimizes the designs architecture for power, performance and area requirements while meeting stringent tape out schedules.

Alchip’s full 7nm capabilities include large scale design partition and signoff, an abutment flow that includes design-for-test, and a complete 2.5D package design flow that covers interposer/substrate design with comprehensive system co-design signoff.

The innovate packaging service covers SIPI/thermal simulation that provides plug-and-play post silicon solutions to reduce substrate layers and the resulting cost. The result is very elegant 7nm devices with more accurate power and thermal estimation flows for high power designs that have avoided post-silicon surprises.

Beside it’s 7nm success, Alchip also revealed that it’s currently working on a 6nm project, with several more in the pipeline.

“Alchip’s sweet spot has always been in leading edge technologies and at 7nm, we have recorded 100% silicon success with our repeat customers,” said Johnny Shen, Alchip President and CEO. “Our proven design and sign-off methodology is enhanced by the strong service mindset of our corporate culture.”

Alchip’s 7nm ASIC capabilities are in demand for devices powering target artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, network and storage applications.